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Effective Headshots

& Brand/Marketing Images

SPEAKING OF BRANDING… We are in the midst of a rebrand ourselves. Photo Media services will soon be located at our NEW site.

We create authentic headshots and marketing images that appeal to the people you seek to engage. Cheap is expensive” as I heard during a shoot in Kenya.

The quality of your images show your next potential client that you are professional. Show them quality and they’ll expect quality from you. When your headshot conveys trustworthy, they’re more likely to trust you enough to reach out. Show them cheap, and, well…

The moment they see your image an unconscious decision has been made - but did they reach out or move on? Did that image just show what you look like, or define who you are? Did it cause them to avoid or employ you?

What does your current headshot tell your next client, employer or talent agency?..

Looking for personal services - check out our Studio B Phototography site for Family & HS Senior options.


Authentic business portraits that appeal to your ideal client. Brian is a master at extracting the best expressions and advising on effective backgrounds. Ask about our group rates for individual headshots


Many industries prefer something more than a studio background - urban, forest, corporate or other. Ask about our group rates for individual headshots and the option of us bringing a portable studio to you.


Team headshot services anywhere in Portland metro. This option allows us travel and setup time. Ask us about adding individual headshots to the same session. Ideal time not available? Just ask, we may be able to adjust.

So what’s wrong with the guy in the middle? Nothing, but in our post  “Undo the Blue” , we share what his photographer might not have known. (usage granted by client)

So what’s wrong with the guy in the middle? Nothing, but in our post “Undo the Blue”, we share what his photographer might not have known. (usage granted by client)




Headshots Process & Studio Tour


Headshots Process Explained

Headshots are not about what you look like, rather who you are. Watch this short video on how our process works and what our headshot options mean. All other answers will come to you via email when you book.

Studio Tour - from parking to posing stool

So many of our clients share that this was their first portrait experience in years, if not decades. This video should help take the edge off of what to expect after you arrive for your session.

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Editorial - Magazine, Books & Campaign Photos

Our work has been featured on countless magazine covers, trade publications, and of course - inside those all-important voters pamphlets.

Ed Tonkin for Oregon Jewish Life Magazine

Ed Tonkin for Oregon Jewish Life Magazine

Every election cycle, political mailers arrive that remind me that my work in the world is not complete.

Incredible bullet-point qualifications and endorsements wrapped around an image that says "hmm... nice endorsements, but there's just 'that look' that calls trust into question...". Micro-expressions (those in-between looks) that truly matter, and can cost you a client or voter. 

Your styling, expression and context require a perspective that will appeal to vs. appall your next client.

We serve many successful publishers, campaign, PR and marketing professionals. As your ally, we will execute your vision or accept as much creative license as you wish to give us.


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More than products and services, it's like having your own Custom Stock Photography - that won't show up on your competitor's website.

I received a call from a web & marketing company that I hadn't yet worked with. "We just finished a beautiful new site for one of our clients near you, but received stock images that didn't match their personal, caring message."

I was on the phone within the hour, booked our "Stock Replacement Session" for the next day, and had it edited and delivered by the next day. (72 hours in this case)

It's the same story from countless web and marketing professionals. "What usually takes the longest, is receiving the content to finish the work, and when we get it... Stock... Poor quality..."

Give us a call for an estimate on your project, and we'll give you the priority, quality, and an award-winning eye that a "hobbyist" cannot. (and we won't be reselling your images to your competitor).

We've just added this page, so we've got a few of our own stock images to replace. SHHH!.. (the cobblers kids have no shoes, right? But I do finish these for my clients! : ^) See one-such example below, and click to see them in use by the Tualatin Park Veterinary clinic.

Brian Geraths is an unusual combination of business savvy, customer service skill, photographic talent and pure energy.
— Darrell Webb - President, Fred Meyer Stores


The word I hear most during post-session proof-reviews.

It rings like a favorable report card, and became my motivation for specializing in commercial imaging. To tell your story in a single, convincing image of who you are, and not just what you look like.

To see you through the lens of your future clients and capture a smile that conveys trust, a stance that says dependable, or a presence that says “I am listening.”

CLICK FOR Business, Corporate & Executive Portraits. Editorial, Publication, Team & Lifestyle images.

This is why we show up in headshots near me searches for Tigard, Tualatin, Lake Oswego and Portland.

This is why we show up in headshots near me searches for Tigard, Tualatin, Lake Oswego and Portland.

IMPORTANT: Hover map to see why we show up in searches for headshots near me for Tigard, Portland and Tualatin. We are a Lake Oswego address, but your GPS might have you scratching your head...

We’re just off of I5 and one exit south of 217. That said, don’t let our Lake Oswego address scare you - it’s a myth that photographers in 97035 or 97034 are all more expensive. I survived the recession by remaining sensibly priced, and always over-delivering. (we love our returning clientele and those five-star reviews)

While you’re here, check out our value-added blog - Amplify & Maximize - Great tips on headshots, networking and efficiency. (Watch for my next LinkedIn Classes too!)