Brian Geraths is an unusual combination of business savvy, customer service skill, photographic talent and pure energy.
— Darrell Webb - President, Fred Meyer Stores

Behind the lens...

Brian Geraths

Creative director & photographer

Creative director & photographer

“I am a full-time professional photographer on a mission to create authentic headshots to the people that you prefer to engage in your profession and life.

This is not a side-hustle, meaning that when you engage our services, you are on an efficient, excellence-based production schedule from concept to delivered content.

I approach every project with one question in mind - 'If this was my product/service, what would appeal to me most as my ideal consumer?'.

This is both a science of composition, lighting & camera, as well as an art. It is the photographer, not the cameras/AI that will help you produce a genuine smile or expression of confidence.

I am on a quest to raise public awareness of how authentic portraits can unconsciously build trust, where otherwise incidental micro-expressions can drive people away from us.

I bring a diverse history of retail management/merchandising (mostly Fred Meyer Inc) and 20+ years of self-employment/entrepreneurial insights to every project. What does this mean for you?.. I get it.

We share the common goal of grabbing the right kind of attention to our image-overwhelmed, phone-scrolling next client.

Our clients are so busy that they’ve been subjected an attention-span that makes use of they’re amygdala (fight or flight response). They make lightening-fast decisions in a BLINK, after viewing your profile image, before considering to read your bio.

We have to show them authentic images that will appeal not appall.

I thrive on exploring, in advance, what your client will be looking for, then prompting you to portray that authentic version of YOU that will cause them to engage you. (Yes, I geek-out on neuroeconomics, interpersonal relationships/human behavior studies, style trends and marketing tools)

If that aligns with your goals, then I am your marketing ally, I will deploy all resources to help you define, extract, create and present that ideal image. That headshot or those storytelling editorial images that will prime the engagement of your ideal next client. ”

Professional Artists

We employ full-time professional artists that masterfully edit out incidentals, while leaving your true identity (and facial dimensions) intact!

Our style is detailed, but REAL. They are masters at blemish & stray hair removal, head swaps (great for same-pose groups with that busy-blinker pulled from another image), digital knockouts (cutting out or replacing backgrounds) and mostly - following instructions for those incidentals that you’d prefer having removed from public observation…

Accolades & Reviews

A few of Brian's most prestigious awards for photography, service and advocacy.

A few of Brian's most prestigious awards for photography, service and advocacy.

Brian has served as the Official Photographer to the Portland Rose Festival Court since 2000.

In 2015 the Portland's Royal Rosarians granted Brian Honorary Knighthood as recognition for his first 15 years of service to the Portland Rose Festival Foundation.

Brian has received numerous local, state, national and international awards in several categories of photography. READ MORE HERE at his original studio site - Prints Charming Photography.

Add his extensive merchandising background, and you are assured that he'll have your face AND your bottom line in mind through the process.

Photo Media Productions is a go-to place for many web designers, graphic artists and branding experts, since we serve as their clients' marketing ally. Brian's intrigue with neuroeconomics (consumer psychology) fortifies our approach to all that we do to help you maximize your return by investing your trust in us.

Brian has been trusted to serve a number of celebrities including Queen Noor of Jordan, Bob Proctor, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Magic Johnson, 1st Lady Roselynn Carter, Astronaut/Senator John Glenn, Charlie Gibson, HRH - Crown Princess Masako of Japan, and many others.

Brian Geraths is a brilliant photographer. I have been working with him and referring my clients to him for several years. Photo Media Productions always gets the right shot. Brian is the very best!
— Leslie Akins - Publisher & Graphic Artist Lake Oswego
Brian is clever, hard-working and effective. His services helped our company become profitable.
— Amy Collen - Happy Trails Animation
Brian’s services encouraged us to re-brand our work, and other ideas that helped us increase our production and new patient volume. He has many good ideas on methods to increase exposure for small business.
— Dr. Shawn Harrington - Owner Lake Grove Chiropractic
My business partner and I went to Brian @ Photo Media Productions and are absolutely thrilled with our images! My partner is an incredibly shy person and Brian managed to capture her natural, radiant smile- not an easy task while holding a camera. The process was easy and we had our images within a few days- ready to print and to go up on social media. If you need to update your look and want something authentic- please consider working with Photo Media Productions.
— Dr. Maeghan Culver - Owner Northwest Integrative Medicine
I am an introvert and not fond of taking photos. I have to say how impressed I was with how Brian handled my situation. He listened to my needs and provided information for each step of the process allowing me to ask questions and provide feedback. What I anticipated to be awkward and rehearsed was far from that. Brian made the experience organic and fun. He also was able to meet my deadline and ensured I was happy with the results.

Thank you for the excellent customer service!
— Lisa Q - Wilsonville OR
Brian has worked his magic on our business photos AND “Wow!” is the best way to express what he did. I hate having my picture taken but he made the whole experience a fun experience. The end product is outstanding. Very professional and has a great body of work to his credit. Definitely recommend him for any photo needs. Go Brian!
— Jo Wold - Executive Coach, Wilsonville OR
Brian Geraths has an artistic eye that captures the heart of the individual which maximizes their outer beauty. He’s easy and relaxing to work. Final product is the quality you treasure for a lifetime.
— Missy Stevens - Publisher