Introducing Photo Media Productions

What do you get when you cross a retailer with a studio photographer who discovers cinematography and 360° camera gear?.. Profitable perspective!

Prints Charming still exists, but our commercial work has been out-pacing portraits for the past couple of years. Photo Media Productions is now the commercial brand of Brian's award-winning image-making.

Product photography, Headshots, and relationship-building business videos. (Pitch videos for your future clients or service needs)

As a creative merchandiser for retail giant Fred Meyer Inc., my out-of-the-box thinking allowed me to leave with printed praise from the company president.


As an award-winning photographer, and founder of the nations 1st Prints Charming Photography (yes, I should've secured all states in '96), I was better able to put that creativity into a more applicable industry.Now in my 20th year, to prevent complacency and boredom, it seemed the perfect time to toss them in the proverbial blender and live both lives at once!

Prints Charming still exists, especially since I've promised one of my High School Seniors to keep shooting until their kids are High School Seniors. (my excuse to stay youthful for another decade).

I've decided however, to only serve existing clients and their referrals so that I can lean into another burning passion...

Helping others to thrive at their craft with "Visual Solutions for Growing Business" - The new tagline for Photo Media Productions.

When I left High School with the nickname "Joe-Photo", my secret passion was to direct motion pictures. The culture-shock of Hollywood from Pendleton Oregon (small and country) was a tad more than I was ready for.

I buried myself in my food retail job to figure out what to do. To keep my sanity, I wrote as well as retreated to wherever my camera would take me.

BLINK, I woke up one day in 2010 sitting in a class with a cinematographer who was telling me "you have a huge advantage in mastering this..."

There's no denying that I love working with people, since studying this complex human creature is just what I do for kicks. Add to that the psychology of prompting authenticity from my photo clients. Add to that several years of profitable merchandising and systems. Add to that my passion for creative writing. Add to that a few years of training in audio, video, constant light sources.

Put them in a blender with all related software and out comes this new reason to feel excited when my alarm goes off at 4:45am. (more excited than my wife, but she's happy to see me so happy)

To put this into perspective, my studio has experienced increases over the past five years in business-to-business services. (B2B) Headshots as that primary service, had a dramatic increase, thanks to the amazing power of referrals.

I got the taste of profitable problem-solving back in my mouth and decided it was time to create more solutions. Product photography & Business Marketing videos.

Brian Geraths