Featured Client - Tonkin Grouchos

Meet the Groucho mastermind who suggested this shot - Ed Tonkin.


Since 1997, I've had the honor of periodic headshot updates for Mr. Tonkin, and a few fun gigs in-between.

Ed served as president of the National Automobile Dealers Association in 2010, which led to the need for a new headshot on canvas to hang in the Washington DC office.

Cool stuff, but of all the photos I've taken of him and his family, it would be THIS one, that I love to see hanging in my office!

He warned me in advance that there was great resistance from his kids about this Groucho idea. We made his session my last of the day, and I suggested that we might literally "pour some encouragement" while the make-up artist did her thing.

"Great, I'll bring the drinks, you bring the ice!" The rest was history! When I discovered that they had reservations at El Gauchos, I couldn't resist. They were barely out of my parking lot, when the lightbulb went off. I packed my gear and bolted out the door to see for myself.

It was priceless to see, never mind the expressions of nearby table occupants trying not to stare.

Thank you Ed et al, for one of the most fun shoots I've done - creating classical-looking BW's of a very upbeat, fun and modern family!

You're the best!


Brian Geraths