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Like many of you, I am first a business/entrepreneur, and then a [your craft here].

In Sept, 2001, I managed a 25% increase while my industry (photography) was taking a major hit.

By 2008, I too felt the impact, and found myself less behind the camera, and more in front of a calculator.

That experience caused me to lean into automation even more, after having to let my office manager go, which meant three more balls to juggle each day. Were it not for the type of time-saving tools that I will share in this blog, I would not be one of those few survivors that have been a professional photographer for more than 10 years. (full time photographer)

While I did continue to increase the quality of my work, it was my systems that allowed me to thrive against the odds that I did.

I’d love for you to subscribe and try some of these time-saving tools (MUCH MORE COMING April 2019).

I geek-out on behavioral psychology, neuro-economics and masters of time-hacks that can help us ALL to maximize our potential. In addition to the science and psychology that relates to photography, my goal is that you’ll want to share the content you find here.

Time is PRICELESS, and my goal is to only post content that you will help you to create more of it. (so that you can PLAY)

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