Scan, Connect and Declutter

It's really that quick and simple (once you've set up your apps).

Nothing inhibits my work-station creativity like a pile of business cards at my desk.

Watch the video to see how quickly you can zap that pile, and stay organized - reaching out to new connections on LinkedIn, before you even get in your cars.

If you're not already using Evernote, for the love of your brain - DO IT NOW!.. I started on the free version in 2010, and have forever liberated my once-abused memory.

It is a brain off-loading tool that revealed some hidden benefits while I recovered from a brain injury. I was able to find things that I forgot I had even scanned, but more than that - it has made me a more effective networker.

While preparing for this LinkedIn class, I was made aware of how few people were aware of some pretty amazing features.

This video will pretty much tell all, (ignore the abrupt ending, but my twitchy finger...)

Here's what you need to do what you see in the video:

1 - Evernote account. (I've been a Premium user since about 2011, so I have ZERO recollection of how far I got on the free version)

2 - Once you've got Evernote, use their on-boarding tutorials to learn how to set up folders. Make one called Business Cards. (pretty sure I had to make that - been using it so long, I don't recall)

3 - In Evernote tap your profile icon/Settings/Camera/Business Cards and set up your "Contact Info" that will show to people you connect with via business card scanning or connections within Evernote. (rare tool for me, but for big project collaborators - great feature!)

Then tap "Notebooks" and select the folder you want Business Card scans to land in - mine = Business Cards (I love to get more creative, but not here. It should be simple enough that you can recall your folder names when you're in a hurry or suffering from brain fog! - may you never need to worry about that, but hey - with knowledge comes responsibility of sharing)

4 - If you are NOT in premium, download the free companion app called Scannable. Personally, I use this more than the built-in Evernote Premium feature, so save a few bucks until you get addicted to the benefits of Evernote.

5 - Scan, verify, connect, save and RECYCLE THAT PILE OF BUSINESS CARDS!

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