Statistics say that more than 80% of you will click on the video to the right before you'll read much further than - HERE!

We specialize in producing/creating marketing videos for our clients, but we spend a great deal of time turning away jobs that you can do for yourself.

If you're looking for a cinematic, documentary-style marketing video about you and your business - we'd be happy to create that for you. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLES

Creating frequent content to engage and add value for your clients however, the ROI of hiring a professional to create them may not be the best investment.

For these, we created a training service to allow you to stand apart from your peers.

This class delivers!..

• Three of the biggest mistakes that DIY v-loggers are making with their gear/set-ups, and how to avoid them.

• Award-winning composition that will appeal to your viewers without their even knowing

• Best gear to buy if you haven't already invested

• Editing tools that will aid you in both script-writing and in blogging

• Q&A - Share your context, and we'll discuss the best tools for your specific needs.


Who can benefit?..

I love what I do too much to stop practicing, but discovered that 60% of the video-seeking calls I was getting, were for this service that makes more sense for "most" seekers to create on their own.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" applies well to complex payroll, brain surgery and documentary-quality pitch-videos. There are those occasions, however when I highly recommend that you do it on your own (with proper training to increase engagement)

1 - Realtors for per-property videos.

2 - Video Bloggers (vlogs)

3 - Business owners creating value-added tips for customers (food specialists, weight trainers etc)

4 - Specialty services and/or inventors on a budget - needing quality training for products

5 - Business consultants

6 - Graphic artists and PR agencies.

Essentially services with revolving needs and frequent updates, that would otherwise exceed your marketing budget.

You will receive a list of gear, 90 minutes of personal instruction on how to use it, where to use it and a guaranteed new member of your audience - ME - because I want to see what YOU are creating, and support you in your growth.

I've invested thousands of dollars in gear and training with award-winning cinematographers. As an award-winning photographer in several categories of "professionals-only" competitions, I discovered that the elements that create a "Dynamic Impact" are the same.

In video, however, there are more HIGHLY IMPORTANT rules that affect your viewers subconscious mind. (which we'll get into as part of the training.)

Once you learn those rules, you will never say "good enough" again, and you're clients will be impressed.

We are inundated with quaky smart-phone clips, with audio equating to a tin-can telephone.

This live class will provide you a list of the best gear, for the specific need you are seeking, and suggestions on how to appeal to your ideal audience.

This is not a course you will find free on YouTube as bait for ad-dollars, this is customized to help YOU make more money while spending less than we can afford to charge you.