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Headshots in Portland Oregon at least, have become the word to describe many styles of headshot sessions.

Editorial Photography, Publication Photo, CD or Album Cover Photography, Modeling Comp card photos, Team or Staff Portraits, and our favorite - LinkedIn Profile photography. (yes, we see it in our search terms)

Whatever you call it, they tend to establish one purpose - earning trust with your next client.

Click a gallery of samples until you see the style you're after, then click the red button to for our live calendar. (Pricing and details too)


Great Headshots Matter

You get what you pay for, or as I learned on a shoot in Kenya, "Cheap is expensive!"

What most of us will never know, is how many potential clients we've lost because of a bad photo. Sure, it may look professionally lit, composed and serve as accurate ID, but does it tell who you are?

Be you a stern litigator, trustworthy financial advisor, competent engineer or an investment-worthy entrepreneur, your headshot can make or break the deal. "Hmm, impressive credentials, but he looks like a very tense person, can we really trust them on this project?.."

If you think that's wild, consider that your brain's two million year-old wiring is designed to make instant decisions to keep you alive. This fight-or-flight response will judge a photo before you ever bother with reading a bio.

Today's clients want to know who their working with. They need to know that you can be trusted, and your authentic headshot is the perfect tool to seal the deal, in qualifying for their trust.

My award-winning aptitude, combined with two decades of business & merchandising acumen has become the "secret sauce" to what happens behind the camera, allowing me to stay focused on directing you to your perfect image(s) in front of the camera.

What is your next client worth?..