Professional Headshots for Business, Corporate & Talent

Cheap is expensive. Choosing price over quality will cost you more if that cheap image does not appeal to your intended audience or next client. We create appealing, authentic images of trustworthy you!

When I hear “I just need something for LinkedIn” or “…just a simple shot” I know that my work in the world is not done.

Cheap headshots are not cheap if they cost you a connection on LinkedIn or your bio page. Unconscious “tells”, a.k.a. micro-expressions will be unconsciously read by your next potential client. The person that you may never know because they clicked away to find trustworthy, approachable, vote-worthy images of your peers.

If you still “…just need a quick shot” that simply shows what you look like, I recommend Costco for a passport photo. Mine was only five bucks!

When you’re ready for that relationship-building image that conveys who you truly are - we are here for you to create a money-making image.


VOLUME DISCOUNTS & NEW EMPLOYEE ONBOARDING OPTIONS?    Drop us a note, we'll send you a quote.

VOLUME DISCOUNTS & NEW EMPLOYEE ONBOARDING OPTIONS? Drop us a note, we'll send you a quote.


What is your next client worth?..

Brian is trusted by numerous publishers, marketing managers and publicists to deliver authentic images that convey the true essence of their clients and teams. Ask about about rates for multiple subjects & loyalty discounts for marketing & web professionals.

We can save you a great deal of potentially-lost business with this article written by Brian.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?.. Block off 5-10 min. and we’ll give you a ring to answer your questions. Just click the button to book a time for a quick chat.

Studio Headshots

Studio headshots are a great option for that clean, simple, professional look. Our studio provides a great number of backdrops and a few outdoor options - weather permitting.

• Your selected favorites will be retouched and delivered within two business days.

• Regular sessions are 30 minutes. (same-day selection may be avail. adding up to 30 min. if we’re clear after your session)

• We’ll consult to pick the best background or setting.

• Once you book, you’ll receive an email with studio directions and clothing recommendations.

• Once you select your images, our artist will retouch for blemishes, stray hair, lint or other imperfections.

• Yes, our artist can knock off 20 years and/or 20 pounds (asked daily! : ^) but why would you?.. We’ll show you how great you look without excessive embellishments.

Got a whole team in need of studio background images?.. Ask about our options of bringing our studio gear to you, and save $ on multiple subjects.

Destination Headshots


Destination Headshots are great for thematic, creative and modern-style headshots. Modeling, acting, and business clients that want a more thematic look to match their style.

A few live examples of how these are used may be seen on the sites of our clients at Buckley Law. (Details and inclusions when you click the BOOK button)

• Regular sessions are 30 minutes. (times you see when booking “should” allow us travel time to/from your location to begin shooting at the time you choose. - we’ll advise if we have to adjust)

• We’ll consult to pick the best background or setting.

• Once you book, you’ll receive an email with studio directions and clothing recommendations. (Ignore studio directions for this option)

• We’ll post images online for you to choose/order.

• Once you select your images, our artist will retouch for blemishes, stray hair, lint or other imperfections.

Got a whole team of individuals (or groupings) to shoot - just ask, we’ll adjust to allow for your team at a reduced rate.

Team (group) Portraits

Before you click the red buttons below... "Team Headshots" are at our studio. "Destination Team Headshots" are at an agreed-upon location. (your office, a park or other options in the Portland Metro - globally for a price : ^)

Great for executive teams, entire staff or other groupings to put a face on your growing team.

Ask about our volume pricing on individual headshots, in-studio or on location. A look that will match your brand, and not look like a collage/ransom note from varied quality and lighting.

OPT: We allow time to also pose individuals for an extra per-subject price. This add-on will include one perfected image file per subject.

Choose Studio or Location button below. Location option includes travel and set-up time.

Brian has been hired and shipped-to-shoot this combined service to numerous destinations including Minneapolis MN, USA, Kobe Japan (nearly 800 in one group photo) where he also photographed HRH Masako, Crown Princess of Japan. Toronto Canada, Anaheim Calif. USA, Nassau The Bahamas, Baltimore MD, USA, Brisbane Australia, New Zealand and aboard a cruise ship to from Vancouver BC to Alaska.

Multi-look Headshots

Great for Modeling Comp-cards or outdoor thematic, business-style headshots. Looking to personalize every page with a new version of you?.. See examples in-use by our client Leslie Ruminski.

Bring as many outfits as you think you can change into within an hour. More time may be added, but we can do a great deal in 90 minutes.

  • 90 minute location session.

  • One location/background is recommended to maximize your options.

  • Clothing options are unlimited, but we average about 15-20 min shooting each one.

  • View 5-10 of your best options per outfit.

  • Select online or same day (as available).

  • Includes a full set of unedited, branded digital previews of your session

  • Includes four edited “Level 10” digital image files with license for use.

  • Purchased files delivered electronically in both print and web media formats.

  • Travel and set-up anywhere in the Portland Metro.

$599 - MODELS CHOICE - Great way to update your comp cards with several looks. (Details by consultation)

Campaign and Editorial Sessions

ELECTION PHOTOGRAPHY - Portrait, Lifestyle & EDITORIAL all in one

Successful election by your fellow citizens takes a great deal more than the trust of those who know you. Trust requires an image (by all sense of the word) that will speak to those you have yet to meet.

Reading your impressive credentials in a voter pamphlet or marketing materials can all be checked away if your image is unpolished. To many voters, seeing a version of you that was simply nervous before the camera can unfortunately work against your financial supporters.

Brian is a master at coaching you to the most comfortable, authentic and trustworthy version of yourself. The one that gets elected!*

• We'll consult with you and/or your campaign manager to arrange for the best series of images

• If you are working with a stylist, we collaborate well to carry out the vision you seek.

• Two hours of photography at multiple destinations. (more may be added if deemed necessary during consultation. Includes image culling, color-correction and printable, unbranded digital files and usage license. ($800 value for two hours)

• Choose up to three of your favorite "Headshot" images to be retouched by our artist. (incidentals only - we want you to be seen as real, yet at your best). These can be three unique clothing options to allow you varied uses. ($497 value)

• Half off our Studio Headshot session for your voter pamphlet image if a studio session is required. (Reg. $199 - Saves $99.50)

• Model release forms available for subjects invited into your images. (n/c)

• Advance payment is required (Saturday's available for this service - add $100)

IMPORTANT: If you’re searching the terms headshots near me or even photographers near me, our address will appear as headshots in Lake Oswego, headshots in Tigard or Headshots in Portland. (SEE MAP ON CONTACT PAGE to see why) We’re just off of I5 and one exit south of 217. In short - just trust your GPS if it changes the city on you. : ^)

Just don’t let the Lake Oswego address scare you - it’s a myth that photographers in 97035 or 97034 are all more expensive. In fact, you should book before I discover that I should be charging more! - HA! - Sensibly priced, consistent five-star reputation for exceeding your expectations, and I’m always trying to out-do myself. Scroll down a screen or two, to see videos explaining the process. When you book with our LIVE CALENDAR, you’ll receive even more helpful preparation info.

While you’re here, check out our value-added blog - Amplify & Maximize - Great tips on headshots, networking and efficiency. (Watch for my next LinkedIn Classes too!)