Marketing Video Packages

With the rising engagement of video, it's a great idea to create different messages for unique pages on your site or social media needs. Your first impression on the website might serve you better as your purpose or value statement, or if you're in a competitive market - testimonials might be front most.

In either case, we, as click-happy web users are more likely to click on three short videos, that to only watch part of one, missing an important statement or testimonial at the end.

For this reason, we can produce multiple types of messages to increase your potential for future client relationships and their referrals.

Here's a direct link to their website -

TESTIMONIAL VIDEO -Great for social media, and web pages. People will toss out countless sources of good or bad research, in trusted input from a trustworthy testimonial of your happy clients.

MARKETING VIDEO - Great for website Home or About pages, trade shows, and social media "Call to Action" tools.

CONNECTION VIDEO - Share your Purpose, passion and connect with your potential clients that might be on-the-fence about building a relationship with you.