Product Pricing Details

There are three aspects to the quotes that we provide for your Product pricing. Setting/Background, variations (number of unique angles you seek), and post-production art to perfect the images. (optional, as much of our work is delivered to in-house art departments) All images are archived, and delivered electronically unless other arrangements are made.


Basic Table Top

We provide two methods of billing for white, white/grey or other solid, in-house studio background options.

Per-item, which is quantity based. And per-hour, which can save you a great deal on larger projects where our efficiency is maximized to reduce your investment.


Location In-Use

A one-time location fee of $200, anywhere in Portland Metro (outside metro by quote).

Per-hour quote is for shooting time, and includes post-production basic edits for color, exposure and background imperfections at no added cost. All images


Flat-work (hanging)

Great for litho-selling sites or gallery promotions.

Our special lighting technique will provide you color-correct, edge-to-edge exposure-accurate image files, void of the distortion caused by cropped sensor cameras or phones.

• Our bids are accurate, and we will never exceed them unless requested. Should we discover any unforeseen expenses, we will halt your project for approval before a potential increase. Decreases may be applied without advance warning.

• All files are delivered printable up to 8x12 unless otherwise requested.

• Additional fees may apply for basic retouching of blemishes on product not caused in-studio. We handle your product with gloves (literally) while shooting. If your product is prone to smudging, please specify safe cleaning tools, and provide any specialty cleaners.

• Digital art is billed at $60 per hour on request only. Our artist does AMAZING work.

• Dimension is only dimension with angles of light. Angles of light create shadows. For shadow-free images, additional art is required. On average, this adds about $5 per image.

• If you would like your images as clipping paths (completely cut out, to allow you superimposing/graphics-ready files) add $10 per image file. That price includes shadow removal in advance, and a white-background jpg copy in addition to the png knock-out version.