STUDIO DIRECTIONS: CLICK HERE (or contact page above) (Disregard if you booked for a location session)

We bring our A-game to every session, but that starts here on this page - helping you to get the most out of your session. (looks like too many words, but we want you to have AMAZING results!

Before Your Session

• Check your clothes for wrinkles – Our digital artist is amazing, but ironing is less expensive.
• Radical hair style changes prior to your session are *not* advised. Bring hair products, irons, straighteners etc. for touch up.
• Make-up: Because of the subjective nature of make-up styles today, we no longer provide this service. Bring your usual touch-up items. Powder is helpful, but unnecessary unless facial shine is strong. Most hotspots can be blended in post-production art work as part of our basic (included) service.
• To compensate for professional lighting, we recommend that you apply just a shade darker than usual (as for evening wear), especially if you wear lipstick. Bring make-up as needed for touch-ups.
• Nails and hands may not be seen but nail polish should compliment the outfit you choose. Chips in nail polish are an easy digital repair… (small chips, easy for Photoshop fixes).
• Facial hair, as in one or two, hear and there – easy fix. 5 o’clock shadows… not so much. It causes over-retouching, which can look rather “pancaked” less facial dimension – in short – shaving is worth the time, unless you’re going for hip...

Bring to Your Session

• Clothing should be flattering to the body, be it formal, funky or relaxed.
• Dark solid colors work well to slim down areas you don't want emphasized.
• Long sleeves to 3/4 length sleeves tend to photograph best, depending on the outfit and/or background
• Avoid bright whites (unless otherwise discussed) as they tend to wash out most skin tones. Exceptions would be in colorful floral settings or beach sessions. Great with jeans, but even as professional attire – they can
steal attention from your face, regardless of your flesh tone.
• Some clothes with logos, stripes or other designs may distract from you. Solid colors are a great choice.
• Keep jewelry simple and coordinated to each outfit.

IMPORTANT: About Your Session and Expression…

Brian takes a little time getting to know each client and making them feel at ease before shooting. He works quickly and will usually have you engaged in a conversation AS you are being photographed.

With respect to your busy schedule, the rule of “haste makes waste” applies well. Investing just a few minutes in the exercise below, can save you a great deal of time in starting over because you don’t like your smile.

**VERY IMPORTANT HOMEWORK:** (this may require getting out of your comfort zone).
Look in a mirror and smile. Make yourself laugh, as in out-loud laugh. (show your spouse this for dignity as desired). It is FAR easier to bring an authentic
smile down, out of laughter, than it is to bring a smile out of serious. The latter will likely look fake, less authentic, thus less trustworthy, because the smile will not actually reach your eyes. We want, for you, an authentic, approachable, trustworthy smile.

You produce the image or thought – we’ll capture it when it shows up.
“Cheese” begets cheese! Brian’s 5-star reputation was not earned while delivering cheese. : >)