left my job as a merchandiser and retail manager, armed with a written recommendation from the company president and the career leap still scared the hell out of me.

I mentally burned that bridge as my unwavering commitment to my new life as an image-maker. Perhaps you see a photographer, but after investing 10 years in a speaking group (getting used to hearing myself direct from behind the camera), several prestigious photography awards, degree merits and an OPPA "Fellow of Photography" degree to discover that I was not a photographer. I am an entrepreneurial merchandiser with a camera.

All to quantify this statement...  I cringe at the site of stock photography on the websites of serious professionals.

There is nothing more fun in my work, than to explore your goals, put on my creative merchandiser's hat (essentially your consumer's goggles and create marketing images that I would want to make my business thrive (if I were you).

I collaborate well on visions already established, but give me creative license, and I'll happily accept. The goal - to create top quality stock-like images, that are especially effective, because they are you and your product or services!